Thursday, August 7, 2008

Checking In

Just a quick note to let you know I'm still hanging in there and still working on the house. I finally got the linoleum floor tile down in the craft/pc room!!! Course I had to stop and learn how to fix the leaking plumbing in the demolished bathroom right smack in the middle of doing the craft room floor. My son, bless his heart gave me a quick lesson on pvc pipe repair/installation for shut off valves over the phone. He's a great teacher because it DIDN'T LEAK !!! LOL, I seriously had my doubts but took on the job as he's working 10 hr days right now. Mom and I also did some of the grouting of the shower stall, OUCH, killed the muscles in my arms and hands, it's going to take many days of work for me, just mixing up the grout is a job in itself for sore muscles. I'd like to post some pics of the reno but don't have the energy to resize, lable and upload right now.

Some days me and Miss Gussie feel like this:


Have a great day!!


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Justscraps aka: Jamie said...

I feel for ya on the re-do on your house.. Been there and done that and the end result is well worth it but it sure feels like the work will NEVER be done no matter how sore you get or how hard you work! Hang in there and keep on plugging away because when its all finished and youre sitting in your almost new home you can take heart in knowing that all the things there are just right and just how you want them to be! :)